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because there are never enough make outs

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As seen on many a Final Fantasy fangirl's LJ the past two years: KISS BATTLE. Bring your lips and tongue, hot mouths and clever hands and play with us! Any Final Fantasy, any pairing, hot lip action is welcome at ff_kissbattle!

Current Round: 2/13/09 - 3/06/09 | leave pairings and prompts here.


1. Leave pairings and prompts in this entry only. Example: Fandom/Canon, Name/Name, word or phrase (crossovers allowed).

2. Visit the comments and find something to write or write something you've come up with on your own. All make outs are good make outs!

3. Post it in reply to the prompt comment or to the community or both (we approve of choices).

4. One ficbit per comment/entry. When making a new entry for a ficbit, post it to the community rather than linking to another journal. Also, cut tags are your friend.

5. When posting, use the subject line. Label the Fandom/Canon and pairing. Add other titles, warnings, tags etc. at your own discretion!1

6. Art is also allowed and encouraged!

1 In a SURPRISE TWIST for the ff_kissbattle community debut, take the G/X challenge by responding with G-rated or X-rated ficbits. Be sure to include "G" or "X" in the subject line with your pairing. :D

If you have any questions or need any help, send a message!