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Yes, it's that time again -- FF Kiss Battle Time!

We'll be doing something different this year! Last year's round got confusing, which is mainly our (read: Sev's) fault for poor management of the post. So this year, here's what will go down in the BATTLING RING:

  • From 04 February 2010 until 12 February 2010, post your PROMPTS, as comments to this post.
    • Prompts should be things like Fandom/Canon, Name/Name, word or phrase

    • There's no limit to how much or how many things you can ask for! Just remember, it's nice to give back what you ask for! THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

    • Feel free to peruse the list and start looking for those intriguing kisses you know you want to write – just don't start posting yet!

  • On 14 February 2010, we'll edit the post to include a master compilation list of all the prompts for easy access! We'll also post a reminder entry for people who are watching the comm. :)

  • From there, go crazy! It'll work like the other years:
    • Peruse the comments and find something you like!

    • Write your kiss!

    • Post it in reply to the comment, to the community, or both! Use the subject line to denote Fandom/Canon, Characters/Pairing, and Rating, for those of us who might be trying to be work-safe.

    • One kiss ficbit per comment/entry, please!

    • Art is not only allowed, it is encouraged and loved! This may have been a fic-centric challenge in the past, but we're ready for you artists to go for a win! THAT'S RIGHT, THESE ARE FIGHTIN' WORDS.

  • In a few weeks, we'll officially close the round – although you're always welcome to continue to write unofficially after the end.

  • Whoever writes the most kisses is the winner!

So who's ready? A CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED. Drop those prompts in the post and help to spread the word!



  • Prompts have been alphabetized. Pairings are listed in alphabetical order for easy reading and searching and sorting!

  • Please check the original comment before replying -- we've worked hard, but we're not perfect <3

  • Please leave your kisses as replies to the original comment (whether in the comment itself or as a link)!

  • Here's how it works:
    • Peruse the comments and find something you like!

    • Write your kiss!

    • Post it in reply to the comment, to the community, or both! Use the subject line to denote Fandom/Canon, Characters/Pairing, and Rating, for those of us who might be trying to be work-safe.

    • One kiss ficbit per comment/entry, please!

    • Art is not only allowed, it is encouraged and loved! This may have been a fic-centric challenge in the past, but we're ready for you artists to go for a win! THAT'S RIGHT, THESE ARE FIGHTIN' WORDS.

  • Most kisses wins!



Any Light Warrior/Any Fiend, Elemental Polarity - ovo_lexa

Arylon/Darryl, "OMG, LEGS! :D" - ovo_lexa

Arylon/Elf Prince, Mistaken Identity - ovo_lexa

Arylon/Garland, Fountain - ovo_lexa

Garland/Sara, Symbolism - ovo_lexa

Jim/Kope, Shiny! - ovo_lexa


Guy/Maria, Civilization - ovo_lexa

Leila/Paul, Modus Operandi - ovo_lexa


Doga/Une, Human Nature - ovo_lexa


Anna/Edward, Masks - ovo_lexa

Cecil/Edge, you're prettier than a woman - imadra_blue

Cecil/Kain, for a flower - imadra_blue
Cecil/Kain, and you're never coming around - zidane

Cecil/Kain/Rosa, innocent intentions - wallwalker
Cecil/Kain/Rosa, literature - first_seventhe

Cecil/Rosa, you never think about me like I think about you - imadra_blue
Cecil/Rosa, the color fades - venefica_aura
Cecil/Rosa, you'll keep me standing tall - zidane

Edge/Kain, at the bottom - first_seventhe

Edge/Kain/Rydia, play the hand you're dealt - first_seventhe

Edge/Rydia, summoned - owlmoose
Edge/Rydia, to those who wait - tinamachina
Edge/Rydia, hilarious - first_seventhe
Edge/Rydia, as lovers go - zidane

Edward/Rydia, something less complicated - venefica_aura
Edward/Rydia, not-so-courtly romance - wallwalker

FuSoYa/Zemus, Evil - ovo_lexa

Kain/Rosa, I would give it all - I would sacrifice - zidane

Kain/Rydia, Flightless - ovo_lexa
Kain/Rydia, absolution - tinamachina

Kain/Valvalis, us against the world - wallwalker

Rosa/Rydia, something borrowed - first_seventhe
Rosa/Rydia - irish_ais

Rubicant/Valvalis, Shapeshift - ovo_lexa

Yang/Yang's Wife, Sylphs - ovo_lexa


Ceodore/Kain, like father like son - tinamachina

Ceodore/Ursula, hell yeah I'm the M--F-- princess! - tinamachina

Leonora/Palom, fire and ice - tinamachina

Palom/Porom, hush - first_seventhe

Palom/Rydia, fire - first_seventhe


Butz/Faris, Drowning - ovo_lexa
Bartz/Faris, sea of no cares - zidane

Bartz/Lenna, such great heights - zidane

Faris/Anyone, Why The Hell Not? - ovo_lexa

Faris/Gilgamesh, Courting With Disaster - ovo_lexa

Faris/Lenna, just a sisterly kiss(?) - wounded_melody


Rouge/Valcus, Career Choices - ovo_lexa


Celes/Edgar, Once Upon A Time in Figaro - astrangerenters

Celes/Locke, rain - seta_suzume
Celes/Locke, the ghost in you, she don't fade - zidane

Celes/Locke/Setzer, something warm and sweet to drink - wallwalker

Celes/Locke/Terra, the plots of women - seta_suzume
Celes/Locke/Terra, Kaleidoscope - ovo_lexa

Celes/Sabin, Reunion - ovo_lexa

Celes/Setzer, change of heart - astrangerenters

Celes/Terra, heaven and earth - imadra_blue
Celes/Terra, through the looking glass - ellnyx
Celes/Terra, balance - ovo_lexa
Celes/Terra, negative space - magicgenetek
Celes/Terra, complexity - first_seventhe

Cyan/Elayne, modest - seta_suzume

Cyan/Locke, Stupidity - ovo_lexa

Cyan/Terra, when summer finally comes - wallwalker

Daryl/Setzer, adrenaline rush - wallwalker

Edgar/Anyone, gentlemanly style - magicgenetek

Edgar/Gogo, under the mask - magicgenetek

Edgar/Locke, The greatest thief in the high Sahara - zidane

Edgar/Sabin, just a brotherly kiss(?) - wounded_melody
Edgar/Sabin, tools - first_seventhe

Edgar/Setzer, you look kinda like Maria - wounded_melody

Edgar/Terra, not a queen - imadra_blue
Edgar/Terra, technicalities - seta_suzume
Edgar/Terra, snowflakes - fatadellaluce
Edgar/Terra, treating you like a princess - wallwalker
Edgar/Terra, Oh, we're absolute beginners - zidane

Gau/Relm, moogle - fatadellaluce

Gestahl/Kefka, devil's advocate - magicgenetek

Goddess/Kefka, ascension - magicgenetek

Interceptor&Shadow, Best Friend - ovo_lexa

Kefka/Terra, danger - je_suis_kristi
Kefka/Terra, kissing the devil - anonymous

Leo/Terra, things not said - magicgenetek

Madeline/Maduin, twine - fatadellaluce

Sabin/Terra, graceful for a bear - seta_suzume
Sabin/Terra, laughing at yourself - wallwalker

Setzer/Gogo, yarn - fatadellaluce

Setzer/Terra, don't stand so close to me - venefica_aura
Setzer/Terra, the toughest gamble - magicgenetek
Setzer/Terra, up in the air - tinamachina
Setzer/Terra, come sail away to the stars - zidane
Setzer/Terra, finally free of obligations - anonymous


Aeris/Cloud, reading between the lines - spiralstarfall

Aeris/Reeve, show me the city - seta_suzume

Aerith/Tifa, in replacement - imadra_blue
Aeris/Tifa, lace - seta_suzume
Aeris/Tifa, remember? - spiralstarfall
Aeris/Tifa, so that's what ribbons are for - auronlu
Aeris/Tifa, in the Temple of the Ancients - laserdragon

Aerith/Yuffie, cute like a moogle - imadra_blue
Aeris/Yuffie, on lady-like behavior - laserdragon

Aerith/Zack, never got my last kiss - imadra_blue
Aeris/Zack, better in dresses - magicgenetek
Aeris/Zack, I waited for you - spiralstarfall
Aeris/Zack, colors (particularly blue, green, pink, and white) - laserdragon

Barret/Cloud, poor life choices - laserdragon

Barret/Tifa, Could you be any louder? - valeria_15
Barret/Tifa, sparring - wallwalker
Barret/Tifa, baking - first_seventhe

Cloud/Reno, binge drinking - astrangerenters

Cloud/Tifa, never got our happy ending - imadra_blue
Cloud/Tifa, late night ride - astrangerenters
Cloud/Tifa, She liked candy kisses, but not the chocolate kind - sekiharatae
Cloud/Tifa, promises kept/promises broken - laserdragon

Cloud/Vincent, tell no one - tinamachina

Cloud/Yuffie, how about you kiss back this time? - imadra_blue
Cloud/Yuffie, punitive measures - wallwalker

Cloud/Zack - don't know why I did that - imadra_blue
Cloud/Zack, the proof that you were totally wasted - laserdragon

Elena/Reno, Dress Code - ovo_lexa

Elena/Rude, exasperation - wallwalker

Elena/Tifa, Long black hair looks good on more than one person - vegakapera
Elena/Tifa, short skirts - venefica_aura

Elena/Tseng, "I break the rules so I don't care" - first_seventhe

Elmyra/Reeve, the gentlemanly thing to do - laserdragon

Hojo/Lucrecia, the specimens are watching - seta_suzume
Hojo/Lucrecia, the last one alive - venefica_aura
Hojo/Lucretia, creeping ivy - magicgenetek

Lucretia/Vincent, coming up for air - seta_suzume

President Shinra/Rufus, the taste of trust - ellnyx

Reno/Anyone, SNAFUBAR - first_seventhe

Reno/Tseng, headshot - vegakapera

Reno/Yuffie, will it make you go away? - imadra_blue

Rude/Rufus, Steady as a rock - vegakapera

Rufus/Tifa, daddy's girl - neritheka

Rufus/Tseng, it's not because of that - imadra_blue

Scarlet/Tifa/Zack, fuschia madness - neritheka

Sephiroth/Tifa, necromaniac - neritheka

Sephiroth/Zack, entertainment - imadra_blue

Tifa/Vincent, bite me not - neritheka

Tseng/Zack, actually, I like blond hair - imadra_blue
Tseng/Zack, 'I trust you' - vegakapera

Vincent/Yuffie, it might be contagious - imadra_blue


Kadaj/Tifa, and so the lion fell in love with the lamb - spiralstarfall

Moogle Girl/Tifa, so wrong but so good - anon


Angeal/Sephiroth, Affection - vegakapera

Tseng/Zack, 'I trust you' - vegakapera


Elfe/Rufus, what are you fighting for - venefica_aura

Veld/Ifalna, trying to find a way back home - venefica_aura

Veld/Vincent, wake up and face me - venefica_aura


Angelo/Squall, unfaithful - siva630

Cid/Edea, our happy ending - venefica_aura

Ellone/Irvine, meadows and memories - wallwalker

Ellone/Rinoa, keep falling down - venefica_aura
Ellone/Rinoa, dreams and nightmares - first_seventhe

Ellone/Squall, missing - tinamachina

Ellone/Zell, "I'll teach you to fight" - first_seventhe

Fujin/Laguna, Mistaken Identity - ovo_lexa

Fujin/Quistis, losing the war - wallwalker


Fujin/Zell, Junction - ovo_lexa

Irvine/Quistis, trapped - astrangerenters
Irvine/Quistis, "I am too playing with fifty-two cards" - first_seventhe
Irvine/Quistis - irish_ais

Irvine/Rinoa, mistaken identity - astrangerenters

Kiros/Laguna, more than friends - imadra_blue
Kiros/Laguna, guilt - imadra_blue
Kiros/Laguna, is this our happy ending? - imadra_blue
Kiros/Laguna, I'll be in my bunk - tinamachina

Laguna/Quistis, loss - first_seventhe

Laguna/Raine, last kiss - imadra_blue
Laguna/Raine, leg cramps - auronlu

Quistis/Rinoa, lace - first_seventhe

Quistis/Seifer, though you don't deserve it - imadra_blue
Quistis/Seifer, not exactly written in the stars - astrangerenters
Quistis/Seifer - irish_ais

Quistis/Selphie, this will be more fun if you shut up - imadra_blue

Quistis/Squall, future imperfect - astrangerenters
Quistis/Squall - irish_ais

Quistis/Xu, report to my office - auronlu

Quistis/Zell, Artwork - ovo_lexa

Raijin/Selphie, retraining - wallwalker

Rinoa/Seifer - irish_ais

Rinoa/Squall, fireflies - astrangerenters
Rinoa/Squall, shy - spiralstarfall
Rinoa/Squall, without magic - first_seventhe
Rinoa/Squall - irish_ais

Rinoa/Ultimecia, forbidden desire - anon

Rinoa/Zell, I blame the hot dogs - auronlu

Seifer/pretty much anyone, basically - irish_ais

Seifer/Rinoa, another side - spiralstarfall

Seifer/Selphie, bright - first_seventhe
Seifer/Selphie, "Well, you didn't get me a box of fifty-cent candy, so you're gonna have to be my eternal slave." - irish_ais

Seifer/Squall, nothing ever lasts - imadra_blue
Seifer/Squall, fury - spiralstarfall


Amarant/Freya, oil and leather - wallwalker

Beatrix/Blank, Back Stage - ovo_lexa

Beatrix/Freya, For one time only make an exception - zidane
Beatrix/Freya, conquest - laserdragon

Beatrix/Ruby, Princess in a Tower - ovo_lexa

Beatrix/Steiner, intangible ink - ellnyx
Beatrix/Steiner, sparring - auronlu
Beatrix/Steiner, five failed attempts at poetry (and one that succeeded) - wallwalker

Blank/Mikoto, you could be happy - zidane

Blank/Ruby, stars came falling on our heads - zidane

Dagger/Zidane, fussy formal clothes - wallwalker
Dagger/Zidane, I could never make it alone - zidane
Dagger/Zidane, You've got wits, you've got looks - zidane
Dagger/Zidane, all the pretty girls can't measure to you - zidane
Dagger/Zidane, in costume but out of character - laserdragon

Freya/Zidane, comrades - owlmoose
Freya/Zidane, playful - wallwalker
Freya/Zidane, If we shadows have offended... - laserdragon

Quina/anyone, delicious - owlmoose

FFX / X-2

Auron/as many as humanly possible, the most stoic village bicycle there ever was - muggy_mountain

Auron/Braska, faith - seta_suzume
Auron/Braska, it isn't like I don't know - venefica_aura
Auron/Braska, goodbyes - magicgenetek

Auron/Braska/Jecht, rule of three - magicgenetek
Auron/Braska/Jecht, rock bottom - spiralstarfall
Auron/Braska/Jecht, aeons - first_seventhe

Auron/Jecht, rust - seta_suzume
Auron/Jecht, Waitaminute - what is this? - sarasa_cat
Auron/Jecht, drunk then sober - wounded_melody
Auron/Jecht, "How do I make you shut up?" - laserdragon

Auron/Lulu, magma - magicgenetek
Auron/Lulu, let's kill something - auronlu
Auron/Lulu, sunlight on cold skin - wallwalker

Auron/Rin, sword-arm and shop-hand - ellnyx

Auron/Rikku, not meant to happen - spiralstarfall
Auron/Rikku, precocious - laserdragon

Auron/Wen Kinoc, too much shared history - seta_suzume
Auron/Wen Kinoc, he was in a bid 'cos he was way behind, he was willing to make a deal - magicgenetek
Auron/Wen Kinoc, tent - spiralstarfall

Baralai/Nooj, hidden - spiralstarfall
Baralai/Nooj, after Vegnagun, after Shuyin, the truth lies bare - spiralstarfall

Baralai/Shelinda, green leaves - fatadellaluce

Baralai/Seymour, "You're not him" - spiralstarfall

Baralai/Yuna, maybe - owlmoose

Braska/Aeon (any), a covenant involves trust - seta_suzume

Braska/Braska's Wife, hello - muggy_mountain

Braska/Jecht, swimming - seta_suzume

Elma/Lucil, leaving Clasko behind... on purpose :D - spiralstarfall
Elma/Lucil, after Operation Mi'ihen, it's funny how facing death changes your perspective - spiralstarfall

Elma/Luzzu, informal - spiralstarfall

Gippal/Paine, "Shouldn't you be a little more..." - laserdragon

Gippal/Rikku, feet solidly on the ground - spiralstarfall
Gippal/Rikku, wetsuit - fatadellaluce
Gippal/Rikku, "What'll I get if I do?" "It's what you'll get if you don't." - sekiharatae

Isaaru/Yuna, no way to know what might've been - wallwalker

Jecht/Jecht's Wife, good-bye - muggy_mountain

Leblanc/Nooj, cotton candy - fatadellaluce

Lenne/Shuyin, rehearsal - spiralstarfall

Lenne/Yuna, sweet dreams - first_seventhe

Lucil/Nooj, unity - spiralstarfall

Lulu/Rikku, come into the water - venefica_aura
Lulu/Rikku, mystery - first_seventhe

Lulu/Shiva, inferno - muggy_mountain

Lulu/Yuna, Moonrise - ovo_lexa

Luzzu/Anyone, small comforts - magicgenetek

Luzzu/Wakka, "I do know." - wallwalker

Paine/Nooj, shelter - owlmoose

Paine/Rikku, undress sphere - auronlu
Paine/Rikku, regaining respect points - laserdragon

Paine/Rikku/Yuna, teamwork - first_seventhe

Rikku/Wakka, up close and personal - spiralstarfall
Rikku/Wakka, not so bad, after all - auronlu
Rikku/Wakka, explosions - owlmoose

Rikku/Yuna, these days (FFX-2) - venefica_aura

Tidus/Rikku, sea spray - wallwalker

Tidus/Yuna, a midsummer night's dream - magicgenetek
Tidus/Yuna, memories - wallwalker
Tidua/Yuna, Can't it be our story? - laserdragon

Yuna/Any Aeon, forging a bond - first_seventhe


Al-Cid/Ashe, entanglement - first_seventhe

Al-Cid/Balthier, understatement - owlmoose
Al-Cid/Balthier, "can you handle it?" - first_seventhe

Ashe/Balthier, insomnia - seta_suzume
Ashe/Balthier, He with power, trust it not. - sarasa_cat
Ashe/Balthier, all that glitters - spiralstarfall
Ashe/Balthier, protocol be damned - auronlu
Ashe/Balthier, the sky - owlmoose
Ashe/Balthier, moments of gold and flashes of light - zidane

Ashe/Basch, enough of this - seta_suzume

Ashe/Fran, Startled - sarasa_cat
Ashe/Fran, claws bared - auronlu

Ashe/Penelo, For Dalmasca - vegakapera

Balthier/Basch, Balthier's rings - vegakapera
Balthier/Basch, Tactical Error - vegakapera

Balthier/Fran, clockwork - seta_suzume
Balthier/Fran, Outlaws - ovo_lexa

Basch/Penelo, requiem - seta_suzume
Basch/Penelo, He without power, want it not. - sarasa_cat
Basch/Penelo, chicken soup - auronlu

Basch/Reks, youth - spiralstarfall

Basch/Vaan, desert flower - spiralstarfall

Basch/Vossler, Don't talk such nonsense - sarasa_cat

Drace/Gabranth, sacrifice - seta_suzume
Drace/Gabranth, He with sight, need it not. - sarasa_cat
Drace/Gabranth, loyalty - spiralstarfall

Dr. Cid/Dr. Cid's Wife, distance - magicgenetek

Dr. Cid/Venat, symbiosis - seta_suzume
Dr. Cid/Venat, Eternal - sarasa_cat
Dr. Cid/Venat, lovers in a dangerous time - magicgenetek

Fran/Jote, it's never bitter - ellnyx

Fran/Penelo, elusive - seta_suzume
Fran/Penelo, in mysterious ways - zidane

Gabranth/Larsa, speech-writing - first_seventhe

Gabranth(Noah)/Penelo, Love me two times - sarasa_cat
Gabranth/Penelo, Don't Let Me Down - valeria_15

Larsa/Penelo, balcony - seta_suzume
Larsa/Penelo, the future - owlmoose
Larsa/Penelo, to discard - first_seventhe
Larsa/Penelo, In a boy's dream - zidane

Penelo/Reks, winter - seta_suzume

Penelo/Vaan, giving back - spiralstarfall
Penelo/Vaan, dancing - spiralstarfall
Penelo/Vaan, like I'm falling for the first time - zidane

Penelo/Vayne, control - anonymous

Vayne/Venat, Trust - sarasa_cat


Penelo/Velis, This is how she knew - sarasa_cat


Agrias/Cid, Holy Sword - ovo_lexa

Agrias/Mustadio, Teamwork - ovo_lexa

Agrias/Ovelia, heaven - seta_suzume
Agrias/Ovelia, Chivalry - ovo_lexa
Agrias/Ovelia, I do it for you - zidane

Alma/Tietra, days long past - seta_suzume

Delita/Ovelia, roses - seta_suzume
Delita/Ovelia, my sweetest downfall - zidane

Delita/Ovelia/Ramza, the inevitability of change - seta_suzume

Delita/Ramza, the taste of noble blood - imadra_blue
Delita/Ramza, the sun is gone - zidane

Delita/Vamalfra, fear is the heart of love - zidane

Mustadio/Ramza, you're a strange one - imadra_blue
Mustadia/Ramza, grease - seta_suzume

Ramza/Rapha, moon shadows - seta_suzume
Ramza/Rapha, if I ever lose my faith - zidane


Fang/Vanille, good morning - wounded_melody

Hope/Lightning, to hold you over til you're older - wounded_melody

FFCC: The Crystal Bearers

Belle/Layle, For worse of for better / We Belong, We Belong / We Belong together - zidane
Belle/Layle, blackmail - laserdragon

Cid/Vaigali, for the sake of progress - laserdragon

Keiss/Layle, don't complicate it by hesitating - zidane


Phoebe/Tristam, Ninjastics - ovo_lexa


Jane/Neil, Missing Out - ovo_lexa

Jane/Ryan, Dead Weight - ovo_lexa

FF: Dissidia

Cloud/Firion, you remind me of someone - spiralstarfall

Cloud/Terra, after the battle - wounded_melody
Cloud/Terra, things precious to you - laserdragon

Cloud of Darkness/Cosmos, light and darkness - anon

Cloud of Darkness/Terra and Ultimecia/Terra, erotic nightmare - anon

Garland/Sephiroth, rain - spiralstarfall

Kefka/Kuja, Serious Business - laserdragon

Kefka/Terra, danger - je_suis_kristi

Kuja/Terra, flightless bird - anonymous


Anima/Asura; sister light, sister dark - first_seventhe

Basch/Beatrix, loyal to a fault - astrangerenters

Balthier/Locke, "all knowledge is worth having" - first_seventhe

Balthier/Tseng, Information - vegakapera

Beatrix/Sephiroth (sane), power - anon

Edgar/Kain, "your darkness is bullshit" - venefica_aura

Elena/Fran or Tifa/Fran, exotic - vegakapera

Faris/Lulu, "fair lady, your words sting" - venefica_aura

Julia Heartilly/Vincent, music at the Turks bar - astrangerenters

Kain/Terra, the sorrows we bear - first_seventhe

Kefka/Kuja, in a mirror darkly - magicgenetek

Kefka/Ultimecia, let's do the time warp again - magicgenetek

Paine/Squall, whatever - owlmoose

Reno/Rydia, "are you kidding me" - first_seventhe

Reno/Squall, mission complete - astrangerenters


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