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Hope you all enjoyed a lovely Valentine's Day -- and it's about to get better.

The original post has been updated with a list of all of the kissing prompts!



If you missed the chance to submit prompts, it isn't too late (IT'S NEVER TOO LATE): feel free to add them in a new comment. However, I can't promise to add all the new prompts to the Master List just due to my busy schedule, so you may have to bring attention to your own prompt list yourself. A good way to do this? Start writing/drawing kisses for other people! ♥

Enjoy, everyone!


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  • Prompts have been alphabetized. Pairings are listed in alphabetical order for easy reading and searching and sorting!

  • Please check the original comment before replying -- we've worked hard, but we're not perfect <3

  • Please leave your kisses as replies to the original comment (whether in the comment itself or as a link)!

  • Here's how it works:
    • Peruse the comments and find something you like!

    • Write your kiss!

    • Post it in reply to the comment, to the community, or both! Use the subject line to denote Fandom/Canon, Characters/Pairing, and Rating, for those of us who might be trying to be work-safe.

    • One kiss ficbit per comment/entry, please!

    • Art is not only allowed, it is encouraged and loved! This may have been a fic-centric challenge in the past, but we're ready for you artists to go for a win! THAT'S RIGHT, THESE ARE FIGHTIN' WORDS.

  • Most kisses wins!

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"Promethean Thoughts on the Lunar Cycle" FF7/FF4, PG-13, Lucrecia/Cecil

Title: Promethean Thoughts on the Lunar Cycle
For: astralavator, prompt "Lucrecia/Cecil"
Fandom: FFVII/FFIV AU (obviously)
Characters/Pairings: Lucrecia/Cecil
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A tad creepy, and I like my Lucrecia a bit more self-aware and less beautiful victim-y, so yeah.
Summary: Some little girls dream about boys. Lucrecia makes hers.
Notes: Alright, so my FF7 canon is mostly OGC, but I do borrow Grimoire (he's mentioned, not a character really) from Dirge. Just in case you're reading this and think I made him up. I've screwed with the timeline too, as you'll be able to tell by the people she mentions, because if I'm going to AU, I go all the way. But most of it is stuff I made up. XD This is meant to be Frankensteinian with a hint of Pygmalion, so yeah. More heavily FF7 than FF4, because I am waaay more comfortable with that canon.

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Hard to Forget
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Of Haunted Houses, Scones and Plotting Murder

Title: Of Haunted Houses, Scones and Plotting Murder
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Reno, Yuffie
Summery:Yuffie and Reno go looking for a haunted house outside of Kalm.
Notes: For mabbly's prompt FFVII: Reno, Yuffie, haunted house for Trick or Treat 2009.
Also this is my first fanfic. So if it sucks I am very, very sorry. It's also longer than I planned …

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Cookies (Gluten-free!) if you get what I blatantly ripped-off referenced with the haunted house.
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[Final Fantasy VII] [Vincent, Yuffie] [Rated T] A Kind Of Merry War

Title: A Kind of Merry War
Fandom/Pairing: Final Fantasy VII; Vincent/Yuffie
Rating: ESRB Rating of T for Teen < mild sexual content, mild gore >
Summary: With Yuffie, call no matter settled until it is arranged to her satisfaction, and call no deed, no matter how far-fetched, impossible.
Notes: Written for mabbly. Prompt was "Yuffie, Vincent, pranks"

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Zeromus: HAY GUYS


Trick or Treat 2009
I love that I can say "annual" because we've had more than one of these and how awesome is that


It's that time once again, guys, for another awesome kiss-based Final Fantasy Trick-or-Treat meme! The premise:

    People prompt with two characters — basically a pairing. The "treats" are then relationshippy pairing-fic with kisses; the "tricks" would be gen-fic in which all sorts of shenanigans and hijinks might ensue but our characters are left kissless!

How To Play
Leave a comment here with requests: Character 1, Character 2, and a short prompt. Please try to stick with characters (comma) and not pairings (slash), because this is the Trick or Treat meme and you don't know what kind of candy people will be offering. Prompts are totally optional, but short (1-2 words) prompts are encouraged!

Example comments:
    Squall, Ellone, stuffed animals
    Sephiroth, Chocobo hey, it is Halloween - gotta scare you somehow
    Rydia, Edge
    Cloud, Zack, guns

How To Post Ficbits
Find a character combination (and/or prompt) you like and decide whether to trick or treat that person. Then post your ficbit as a reply to that person's comment! If you outdo the comment limit, feel free to either (a) post multiple comment replies; (b) post elsewhere and reply with a link; (c) post into the ff_kissbattle community; or (d) all of the above!

PLEASE remember to use subject lines on your replies! Subject lines should contain fandom, characters, and rating. For example:
    A Squall/Ellone TREAT fic might say Squall/Ellone, PG (FFVIII)
    A Squall & Ellone TRICK fic might say Squall, Ellone, PG (FFVIII)

It's Halloween, so scary/creepy/disturbing fic is totally game — beware to those who like happy endings. :) Crack, AU, crossovers - if you can request it, and you can write it, it's welcome. EDIT - Arts are also totally welcome!

Remember -- the more you write for others, the more likely they are to return the favor! Trick or Treat, no matter what: ficbits are sweet, sweet candy prizes for all.